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PostSubject: Problem   Problem I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 19 2010, 00:58

I was told Sami Vatanen cant play D...but hes a defenseman and he is in the files. I even asked Ryan and he said he could play D instead of RW. Then I was wondering why Eberle and Granlund and all my youngsters werent progressing, and I see that the players I set in my lines #1 O is getting 2-7 minutes a game. While guys that shouldnt even be on my team like Platt and Camache have played 27 games and lead my team in scoring. I know things get screwy when you switch to 3 different simmers in a week. But can you please make sure the players I want in my lineup are actually in my lineup lol. No way Eberle and Granlund should be getting 2 minutes a game as my top 2 Cs. I can tell they were just auto-lined lol. First I was told that I couldnt use Vatanen cause he wouldnt sign with me...but he already is signed to a 3 year deal and is on my NHL depth chart. Please fix my lines.
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PostSubject: Re: Problem   Problem I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 19 2010, 09:56

i did switch vantenan in the player files appose to the acctual game, but just throw a pm to aj on how to do that and he will switch it for you since he is suppose to play d, i guess when i did it, it didnt save, as for lines that would be his correction, or some unexplained injuries P
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