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PostSubject: The Book   The Book I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 21 2010, 16:56

Yellow Card Means You Are Warned And You Are On The Verge Of Being Kicked Out

Red Card Means You Are Suspened Kicked Out Of The League. If It Was Serious Forever, It It Was Minor, But Enough To Be Kicked You Are Suspened For One Season.

Western Conference Bookings.

:LA: Yellow Card Career 1 Yellow, 0 Red

Eastern Conference Bookings

:CAR: Yellow Card
(Career 1 Yellow, 0 Red)
:TOR: Yellow Card
(Career 1 Yellow, 0 Red)
:PHI: Yellow Card
(Career 1 Yellow, 0 Red)


:CAR: Poor trades after being warned low seriousness level
:TOR: Insults and language medium seriousness level
:PHI: Insults and chirps medium seriousness level
:LA: Insults and chirps made in cbox medium seriousness level

What happens next:

If the same thing happens for each person this is what will happen:

:CAR: 1 Year Suspension
:TOR: Banned
:PHI: Banned
:LA: Banned
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PostSubject: Re: The Book   The Book I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 13 2010, 17:57

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The Book
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